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Introduction to FitPLM Service Pro.
• Earn confidence
• Provide greater transparency - Information updates, Notifications & Reports in Real-Time
• Demonstrate ability to execute daily business deliverables
• Improve communication - notifications and customer portals
• Make it easier for customers to plan - improving efficiency, scheduling, saving time & money
Operational & Admin
• Central repository of information - Keep everything in one place
• Improve ability to execute by utilizing FitPLM’s Proprietary Management Tools
• Acurate Real-Time data that can be used to plan, manage and execute daily business activities
• Improve communications with all key stakeholders
• Use Real-Time information to monitor daily business performance and make better decisions
• Mobile and Field Capable
• Easy to use interface
• Scalable
• Custom real-time data dashboards: overview and forecasting
• Know what your team is working on – anywhere, anytime!
• Easily view on-site customer inventory/work to be completed
• Utilize stored information to resolve issues/disputes
• Use available info to make better business decisions
• Provide your team with the tools they need to manage & execute their daily responsibilities.
• Limit internal mistakes that cost your company $$$
• Clarity in disputes
• Reduce lost paperwork/files
• Recognize errors and eliminate wasted time searching for answers
• Position your company to take on more work without overwhelming current resources or investing in more infrastructure
Occasional human error Consistently error free
Time to train Once operating, never worry
about spending time to train
Sick/missed days Everyone able to check on
business status in real-time
Communication mistakes Always live and operating
Employee reliance No need to rely on employees
Limited capacity Unlimited capacity
Restrict prospective valuation Increased company valuation
Difficulty growing without hiring Business scalability